Storm at the Súkenická lookout tower

I chose the Súkenická lookout tower, which stands on the Súkenická hill (1012 m above sea level) between the villages of Horní Bečva and Hutisko-Solanec. The lookout tower was built in 2010 and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

I know the tower from a previous visit and I like its architecture and location. I thought it would be the perfect place to photograph a thunderstorm as I would have a wide shot and plenty of light.

I arrived at the lookout tower around eleven o'clock in the morning. I parked my car in the parking lot of the hotel and started walking up the forest path. At the top, a wooden tower structure with a gallery and a viewing platform awaited me.

It was quite cold and there was a strong wind. I could see clouds starting to form over the mountains and occasionally lightning forming between them. I quickly took my camera out of my pack and wanted to get as many pictures as I could before the storm came and the rain started.

I had no idea what was coming and what the situation would be. The storm over Beskydy was stronger than expected and brought with it a gale.

A gale is a violent gust of wind that can reach speeds of up to 200 km/h. A gale is caused when cold air from a storm cloud rushes rapidly towards the ground and then spreads sideways. A gale can cause extensive damage to trees, buildings and power lines.

It started suddenly. I heard a strong wind pick up and start to roar. Then I saw tree branches breaking and falling to the ground. I felt the tower start to sway and creak. I was terrified, but fascinated by what was happening. I tried to hold on to my camera and continue taking pictures. I felt this was a unique opportunity to capture something incredible.

I was on the lookout for about an hour before the storm calmed down. During that time I took dozens of pictures of the storm showing its strength and dynamics.

When I looked at the pictures, I was thrilled. They were the best pictures of the storm I've ever taken. They were full of life and energy. I felt like I was witnessing something great and precious.

Súkeniká rozhledna Protection Status